Are Supplements Worth the Money?

Supplements have been an essential part of bodybuilding for the past few decades for their benefits, efficiency, and accessibility. Back in the 90’s the supplement industry began growing and it eventually transformed into the huge monster we have today, what makes the supplement world so great is the fact that you can virtually find a product for any specific goal, it doesn’t matter if it’s for muscle building or fat loss, the supplement industry most likely has something for you.

Before supplements made their way into the mainstream market, they were bodybuilding’s little secret, not many people knew that these “magical powders” or “magical pills” existed and it was actually a good thing. Supplements weren’t part of the mainstream world so they weren’t subjected to the mainstream rules; a lot of supplements that were bestsellers a few years ago are long gone due to the fact that they contained a few (now) illegal ingredients that were “too powerful”.

Gloves and chocolate supplement drink

As supplements made their way into popularity, a lot of ingredients that were previously used became banned and were replaced by less powerful ingredients that met the established requirements by a series of health and food organizations. Eventually the non bodybuilding part of society that had a set of desired goals such as weight loss, many started venturing into the supplement world and began consuming supplements that were only a shadow of the original products that started the whole movement, now we have a huge industry that is filled with hundreds of brands with thousands of products out of which only a minor percentage work.

Now that we discussed and agreed that supplements aren’t what they used to be, it’s time to discuss the main subject which is if supplements are really worth the money. A simple answer to this question would be a simple yes but there’s a lot more to the answer that needs to be discussed and clarified. The supplement industry is currently saturated with an unimaginable amount of companies that are looking to make money out of the less informed consumer, but it’s also filled with companies that actually care about their products and customers.

A lot of best-selling supplements sold just a few years ago contained steroid related substances that are now banned because of the presumed side effects they could possibly generate, because of this, the supplement industry is highly regulated and so are the ingredients that go into the final product. Most of the supplements out there won’t contain any purely anabolic ingredients, a select few possibly could, but they won’t last very long in the market.

The purpose of using supplements is to maximize muscle growth and fat loss in a natural and safe way, a good supplement should be built around high-quality ingredients that work along with your body to enhance your results, you don’t necessarily need a steroid for this to happen, any professional athlete can tell you that.

Bodybuilder hlding supplement drink in hand

To answer the main question of this article, supplements are worth the money, not only because they are fast and easy to consume but also because they are relatively cheaper than food for the amount of macro and micronutrients they contain. There is virtually a supplement out there for any specific goal; it doesn’t matter if you want a supplement to support you with energy before a workout or if you want a supplement to help you gain weight.

A lot of people like to talk bad about supplements and while it’s true that a few companies out there sell below average products, there are a few that are outstanding, the ones who usually talk bad about a good product are people who don’t exercise enough and that don’t have an efficient nutritional plan built around their body and goals. When trying to figure out if a supplement can be effective you need to focus on one simple thing; Quality.

The supplements we have today are arguably better than what we had a few years back, if this weren’t true they simply wouldn’t be as popular as they are now, supplements sell because they work and it’s actually really mind-blowing to know that a lot of people become discouraged because of a few bad and selective opinions they find online. Supplements are not steroids; they are a simple source or, in other words, a way to consume extra macro and micronutrients that are the building blocks of muscle.