Bodybuilding: Why don’t I see any results?

Bodybuilding has a direct connection with the sport of weight training or weight lifting as many like to call it, most of the bodybuilders that have ever graced a competitive stage started out with a barbell, a pair of dumbbells in their father’s garage and a dream. The bigger percentage of people inside a gym spend hours training to look better but there is still a smaller portion of individuals who simply enjoy exercising to live a longer and healthier lifestyle, that said it really doesn’t matter what’s the reason behind someone spending countless hours inside a gym.

A really popular subject of discussion amongst the beginner portion of the bodybuilding and fitness community is the reason why some people simply can’t see any progress or results in their physique, there is no denying that the most important objective of going to the gym is being healthy and active but having a good looking physique doesn’t hurt either. In Bodybuilding not seeing results can be highly disappointing and the reasons on why this happens aren’t actually that difficult to diagnose, if you feel like you are stuck on a plateau you might find this article very helpful as it will help you progress and achieve the results you have wanted so badly.

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If you follow the competitive sport of Bodybuilding you probably know that the most talked about subject is genetics, if someone can’t gain muscle at a fast rate he will usually point the finger and say “It’s because of my bad genetics” and then they repeat the same phrase when they can’t lose weight. Genetics are a fundamental part of the competitive sport of bodybuilding, if you are familiar with the prestigious Mr. Olympia contest you can clearly see that most of the guys on stage have good structures, good muscle bellies and great amounts of muscle and definition but not all of them are “genetically gifted”, people like to think that steroids are all it takes to reach that level, they are wrong.

No one can’t change genetics, they are basically who you are, some people gain muscle really easily while others struggle to put the pounds on, the same thing goes for losing weight, you can’t change genetics, but you can definitely improve your physique. Genetics has to be the oldest excuse in the book and it can get a little old if you aren’t seeing any progress it’s not due to your genetics, it mostly has something to do with your training methods or your daily diet.


Now that we cleared up the genetics subject it’s time to move on the real reason on why you are probably not seeing the results you want. Exercise is such an ambiguous word, exercise for a bodybuilder is a tool that allows him to shape his body to his personal liking, bodybuilders don’t exercise; they train. Most of the people that actually go to a gym spend all of their time either on a cardio machine or just simply wasting their and everyone else’s time, no one can expect to gain muscle by just doing a few machines here and there, a bodybuilder has the physique he has because he built it by literally killing himself in each training sessions, if you actually like going to the gym chances are you aren’t working out hard enough.

Every single training session you have needs to be fast paced and intense, it should be built around free weight movements and not around machines, you should always strive to beat your previous records and lift heavier and heavier each week. Bodybuilders don’t build their body with steroids, they build their bodies with hard work and dedication, training may look easy but it’s the total opposite, having a good physique is difficult and not everyone is willing to put in the work to build it.


Bodybuilder eatingThe second reason that’s equally important as the training aspect is nutrition, the objective of lifting weights is to injure the muscle fibers inside the gym to make them grow bigger and stronger, they can’t do this if they aren’t receiving the proper nutrients after an intense training session. Most people tend to do one of two things, they either starve themselves or they eat too much of the wrong food. Bodybuilding is all about creating a state of balance, this state of balance can only be achieved if you train hard and eat harder.

You meals should be planned accordingly and in synch with your training program. If you want to lose weight you need to drop your calories, if you want to gain weight you need to increase them. It’s also really important to watch the kind of food you’re putting in your body, if your body is fueled with the right macro and micro nutrients it will have no other choice but to progress and transform. Some bodybuilders say that even though training is hard eating is harder, can you imagine eating 8000 calories on a daily basis? Not everyone can actually do it but if that’s what it takes would you be willing to give it a try? Most people wouldn’t.