Dangers of Taking Steroids

Dangers of taking steroids: Uses and possible side effects

Steroids are used by different people for different reasons. they are prescribed to teens who suffer from stunted growth. Adults and athletes use them for gaining strength and treating certain diseases. However, everything that has benefits comes with some risk factors.

Steroids are one of the most prominent companions of bodybuilders and athletes. However, they should be taken only when they are prescribed by doctors or your family physician.

Steroids or synthetic hormones especially testosterone are used for different reasons. The main aim of anabolic steroids is to maintain health and muscular strength, however, they come with certain side-effects that must not be avoided.

In this article, we will cover the following

1. The benefits of steroids
2. The harmful side effects of the steroids

By analyzing these two points, we will come to know if we should take steroids or not.

What are anabolic steroids

Also known as the AAS or Anabolic Androgenic Steroids, the main aim of them is to heal and help strengthen the skeletal system and increase muscle mass.

Yes, they are synthetic drugs that mimic the effects of testosterone hormones and help boost sex drive muscle growth.

The testosterone gets attached to the cell nucleus and triggers the growth of protein that is responsible for the treatment as well as the reproduction of cells and tissues in the body.

Dangers of Taking Steroids

Benefits of Legal steroids

1. They are used by bodybuilders to enhance the growth of their muscular tissues. They are used to rapidly increase muscle mass and strength.

2. Since they help stimulate muscle and tissue growth, they are used by both bodybuilders and athletes to help speed up the muscle recovery process.

3. Steroids are prescribed to patients who have AIDS and any other tissue related disease and even in the case of major accidents, steroids act as the central part of treatment. They heal the nerves and the tissues and hence help in the proper recovery of the patient.

4. For kids or teens, they are used as growth triggering hormones and hence help them in growing faster than the other children.

Taking anabolic steroids should be closely monitored by professionals. However, in most of the cases, these steroids are often purchased illegally on the black market. This is one of the biggest mistakes done by the people that lead them to face the serious side of the drugs.

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Best Exercises When Taking Legal Steroids

In this article, we will discuss the best exercises when taking legal steroids for maximum results

Legal steroids are a controversial topic in the bodybuilding community. Some say they work, others say they are absolute garbage.  The same can be said about anabolic steroids. The truth is, anabolic or legal steroids offer similar benefits.

The problem is, no matter what kind of substance you take. If you don’t train properly you will not see results.

Many people think that by taking anabolic steroids you will gain muscle. Unfortunately, it does not work that way. Anabolic steroids do boost test levels, but if you don’t train hard, it’s not going to do you much good.

Legal steroids are similar, they mimic the effect of anabolic steroids without the side effects.If you are considering taking a legal steroid, here are some of the best exercises you can implement to gain muscle.

You are probably asking yourself, what does training have to do with legal steroids? The truth is, the way you train will have an impact on how much muscle you gain.

Most legal steroids are taken over a 30 or 60-day cycle, during this time, you need to focus on heavy compound movements.

Cranking up the weight when taking legal steroids can help you pack on 15-25lbs of muscle in less than 30 days. I have done it and it works! Below are some of the best exercises when taking legal steroids.

When focusing on these exercises try and keep the rep range between 6-10 reps. Try and knock out 4-7 sets, if you are taking a legal steroid this should not be hard to do.

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Dangers and Side Effects of Anabolic Steroids

How many times have we heard the news that athletes have been banned from participating in some event due to failing a drug test? Whatever it may be, there are multiple drugs that are not to be used without consulting your doctor.

There are drugs that are used by athletes to run faster or gain more stamina. There are drugs that are used to relax before the big day or even to stimulate your blood flow so that feel much more energized.

Yes, there are also drugs to help you sleep better at night. But one drug that has been banned for use by athletes are anabolic steroids. This has been one of those drugs that not only stimulate your heart rate and gives you more strength but also gives your extra muscle mass.

Dangers and Side Effects of Anabolic Steroids- Testosterone 200 mg

Steroids are extremely popular among people who are into bodybuilding. For their desperation into getting a great physique that they crave for, they choose a path that includes supplements. There are a lot of supplements in the market but steroids are on a different level. Steroids are basically medicines that are used to increase muscle mass but it does not come without side effects. Anabolic steroids are one kind of steroid that is not to be meddled around with.

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How to Achieve an Effective Workout

Picture of rack with dumbbells

How to achieve an effective workout

For a bodybuilder a workout is a tool that will allow him to sculpt the best physique possible. An effective workout that will leave the muscle shaking isn’t always achieved for a wide variety of reasons that can be easily avoided. Bodybuilding is truly the ultimate sport because it’s so simple yet complicated at the same time, sculpting the perfect physique is something that takes hard work, dedication, time and knowledge.

Listen to your body

The only way that you can successfully build muscle is by listening to your body and by working out by feel, when someone first starts going to the gym he or she usually thinks that more is always better, this isn’t always the case. Working out at the gym is only a small part of the muscle building process, after the muscle fibers are placed under stress and tension during the workout they need to recover, this can only occur if the body is receiving the proper nutrients, supplementation, and rest.

Picture of rack with dumbbells

A lot of athletes often experience mediocre workouts when they decide to hit the gym even when they feel tired, sleepy or sore. A good workout will always benefit your body more than two mediocre ones, if your body doesn’t feel good enough to do a particular exercise because of an injury or excess pressure, the smartest thing to do would be to avoid it, the same thing goes for unconventional movements, for example, some athletes like to stay away from bench press because it’s a “dangerous movement” but if you feel that you see great results from it, why not do it?

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The Difference Between Cutting and Bulking

Lean bodybuilder posing showing off Back muscles

Cutting and bulking are two very important concepts that every aspiring bodybuilder needs to fully understand in order to propel his performance and physique to newer and greater heights. Not many know that possessing the right knowledge can be the difference between a complete and a mediocre physique. Training is a very important and fundamental part of bodybuilding, but it means nothing without the proper nutritional regimen to follow it up, cutting and bulking are the two extremes of it.


Let’s start this off with cutting, the part of dieting that everyone hates going through. Cutting is bodybuilding slang for dropping weight, losing fat and defining the body’s muscular structure. Cutting is used by bodybuilders, athletes from different backgrounds and regular people in order to lose the excess body fat that makes them feel uncomfortable and attain a leaner, more defined and in some cases healthier physique.

Lean bodybuilder posing showing off Back muscles

There are many ways and methods that can be used to approach cutting, the first one being the most popular, is always completely overused and misunderstood. Beginners tend to place their body’s in extreme caloric deficits, doing this in a rapid and unmonitored manner can be really dangerous, dropping weight in such fashion can make anyone lose fat but also muscle and energy, these last two factors are crucial and essential for bodybuilding.

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Is HIT the Ultimate Training Style?

Mike Mentzer Posing

Weight training for some is the most important part of Bodybuilding and while it’s true that nutrition and rest are highly delicate subjects, training deserves its own discussion space. Asking ourselves if training is more important than nutrition is the same thing as asking what came first, the chicken or the egg. In reality answering both of these questions is useless, training is equally as important as nutrition just like the chicken is to the egg. I know this example may be a little weird but I think it gets the job done in explaining the importance of two fundamental Bodybuilding factors.

High-Intensity Training or HIT is probably one of the least talked about training styles when it comes to discussing hypertrophy training. The most talked about training program revolves around the typical five exercises for five sets and twelve reps, some exercise programs may include a few super sets or drop sets but, why doesn’t anyone talk about HIT as much? The most logical answer to this question is that High-Intensity Training is not as appealing as other styles of training, and that weirdly enough some consider HIT to be a beginners training style, the cold hard truth is that HIT may actually be the secret to achieving new levels of muscular development for both experienced and inexperienced bodybuilders.

Casey Viator Posing

How does HIT work?

HIT training is based around a few principles developed by the late Arthur Jones and other well known individuals such as Mike and Ray Mentzer. High Intensity Training is a bodybuilding style that allows the bodybuilder to build his physique in a unique and painful way, HIT workouts tend to be shorter, more intense and a lot more technical than regular programs.

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The Benefits of Weight Training

Bodybuilder performing dumbbell rows

Weight Training has been recently known to be a great individual sport but it wasn’t always this popular, ever since Weight Training or Weight Lifting made its way into the mainstream, a great amount of people had their doubts and considered it to be a “dangerous” sport. As the years went by and science progressed it was proven that the benefits of weight training are unmatched, weight training is so good that athletes from different sorts of backgrounds have joined the movement to improve their overall physique and performance.

Weight loss

One of the main recommendations by sports nutritionists and doctors to people who have weight and health issues is to perform cardiovascularly and strength training on a daily basis. Cardiovascular training is great for burning calories and working up a sweat, weight training, on the other hand, burns both calories and fat while building muscle, the body will then transform into an anabolic state. As the body stays in an anabolic state it will naturally use fat sources as energy, weight training is also great for building resistance and increasing overall cardiovascular performance.

Muscle building

The main reason weight training has made its way into the mainstream is because it’s the only sport that allows the human body to gain muscle and burn fat at the same time. Weight training puts the body’s muscle fiber under great amounts of stress and makes them grow bigger and stronger. Weight Training allows the body to overdevelop in areas such as conditioning, resistance, speed, size, explosiveness and raw power.

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Are Supplements Worth the Money?

Bodybuilder hlding supplement drink in hand

Supplements have been an essential part of bodybuilding for the past few decades for their benefits, efficiency, and accessibility. Back in the 90’s the supplement industry began growing and it eventually transformed into the huge monster we have today, what makes the supplement world so great is the fact that you can virtually find a product for any specific goal, it doesn’t matter if it’s for muscle building or fat loss, the supplement industry most likely has something for you.

Before supplements made their way into the mainstream market, they were bodybuilding’s little secret, not many people knew that these “magical powders” or “magical pills” existed and it was actually a good thing. Supplements weren’t part of the mainstream world so they weren’t subjected to the mainstream rules; a lot of supplements that were bestsellers a few years ago are long gone due to the fact that they contained a few (now) illegal ingredients that were “too powerful”.

Gloves and chocolate supplement drink

As supplements made their way into popularity, a lot of ingredients that were previously used became banned and were replaced by less powerful ingredients that met the established requirements by a series of health and food organizations. Eventually the non bodybuilding part of society that had a set of desired goals such as weight loss, many started venturing into the supplement world and began consuming supplements that were only a shadow of the original products that started the whole movement, now we have a huge industry that is filled with hundreds of brands with thousands of products out of which only a minor percentage work.

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Bodybuilding: Why don’t I see any results?

Ripped Bodybuilder Performing Bicep Girls

Bodybuilding has a direct connection with the sport of weight training or weight lifting as many like to call it, most of the bodybuilders that have ever graced a competitive stage started out with a barbell, a pair of dumbbells in their father’s garage and a dream. The bigger percentage of people inside a gym spend hours training to look better but there is still a smaller portion of individuals who simply enjoy exercising to live a longer and healthier lifestyle, that said it really doesn’t matter what’s the reason behind someone spending countless hours inside a gym.

A really popular subject of discussion amongst the beginner portion of the bodybuilding and fitness community is the reason why some people simply can’t see any progress or results in their physique, there is no denying that the most important objective of going to the gym is being healthy and active but having a good looking physique doesn’t hurt either. In Bodybuilding not seeing results can be highly disappointing and the reasons on why this happens aren’t actually that difficult to diagnose, if you feel like you are stuck on a plateau you might find this article very helpful as it will help you progress and achieve the results you have wanted so badly.

Ripped Bodybuilder Performing Bicep Girls


If you follow the competitive sport of Bodybuilding you probably know that the most talked about subject is genetics, if someone can’t gain muscle at a fast rate he will usually point the finger and say “It’s because of my bad genetics” and then they repeat the same phrase when they can’t lose weight. Genetics are a fundamental part of the competitive sport of bodybuilding, if you are familiar with the prestigious Mr. Olympia contest you can clearly see that most of the guys on stage have good structures, good muscle bellies and great amounts of muscle and definition but not all of them are “genetically gifted”, people like to think that steroids are all it takes to reach that level, they are wrong.

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Bodybuilding: Does Age Really Matter?

Mature men posing on stage

Bodybuilding has always been misinterpreted as a purely competitive sport that revolves amongst young physiques and steroid use, while it’s true that every bodybuilder out there wants to build the best physique he possibly can, there is still a lot more to the sport than meets the eye. Competitive Bodybuilding has always been a sight to behold, the sport throughout the decades has seen young bodybuilders from different backgrounds such as Arnold Schwarzenegger shock the crowds with their incredible physiques and charisma, the same thing goes for the “older” competitors, guys like Dexter Jackson and Toney Freeman with their astonishing and young physiques have proven that age is not determining factor when it comes to bodybuilding.

Competitive Bodybuilding has always been a sight to behold, the sport throughout the decades has seen young bodybuilders from different backgrounds such as Arnold Schwarzenegger shock the crowds with their incredible physiques and charisma, the same thing goes for the “older” competitors, guys like Dexter Jackson and Toney Freeman with their astonishing and young physiques have proven that age is not determining factor when it comes to bodybuilding.

Mature men posing on stage

What a lot of people don’t seem to understand is that Bodybuilding is a lot more than a simple sport; bodybuilding is a lifestyle that knows no limits. Everyone starts bodybuilding for a particular reason, the younger guys almost always start weight training with their parents old weight set to impress the girl at school while the older guys tend to do it for overall health reasons and it really doesn’t matter why someone starts, what matters is the reason on why someone keeps going and doesn’t look back. As many know bodybuilding offers a wide variety of benefits such as muscle building, fat burning, increased levels of stamina, energy and so on, bodybuilding is truly a discipline on its own that promotes both physical and psychological growth.

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