How to Achieve an Effective Workout

How to achieve an effective workout

For a bodybuilder a workout is a tool that will allow him to sculpt the best physique possible. An effective workout that will leave the muscle shaking isn’t always achieved for a wide variety of reasons that can be easily avoided. Bodybuilding is truly the ultimate sport because it’s so simple yet complicated at the same time, sculpting the perfect physique is something that takes hard work, dedication, time and knowledge.

Listen to your body

The only way that you can successfully build muscle is by listening to your body and by working out by feel, when someone first starts going to the gym he or she usually thinks that more is always better, this isn’t always the case. Working out at the gym is only a small part of the muscle building process, after the muscle fibers are placed under stress and tension during the workout they need to recover, this can only occur if the body is receiving the proper nutrients, supplementation, and rest.

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A lot of athletes often experience mediocre workouts when they decide to hit the gym even when they feel tired, sleepy or sore. A good workout will always benefit your body more than two mediocre ones, if your body doesn’t feel good enough to do a particular exercise because of an injury or excess pressure, the smartest thing to do would be to avoid it, the same thing goes for unconventional movements, for example, some athletes like to stay away from bench press because it’s a “dangerous movement” but if you feel that you see great results from it, why not do it?

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should be lazy when it comes to working out and not going to the gym when you’re sore, listening to your body shouldn’t be a limiter, it should be the exact opposite. If you feel tired, take a nap and then go to the gym, if you feel energized go and kill the workout. Always be willing to test your limits and try new things inside and outside of the gym but always trust your instincts and what your body is telling you, the keys to being successful in anything in life are consistency, hard work, and intelligence.

 Be smart

Bodybuilding has always been famous for the hardcore phrases that are used by athletes such as “Kill the workout”, “Murder the weights”, “No pain, No Gain”, and many more that you probably hear about on a regular basis. A lot of hardcore bodybuilders live by these words while others are completely against them and like to stick to “smarter” training techniques; the best way to train is actually by finding a balance between these two.

You need to be smart about what and how you’re training, for example, you won’t be able to squat as much on leg day if the you deadlifted the previous day. Work out by feel but be smart when it comes to training, accommodate your workouts in the best way possible so you can actually receive the best results from them. At the beginning of each of your workouts try starting out with the hardest movement of them all, if an exercise is hard and takes a big toll on your body it’s highly likely that it will benefit your physique the most, You workout should be performed by feel, believe it or not the best and most effective workouts happen spontaneously, perform movements that feel right and that allow you to get a full contraction and squeeze, this is where the “listening to your body” principle applies.

Look for a gym partner

If you truly want to take your workouts to the new level and build your body, you need to find a gym partner that shares similar objectives and if it’s possible, that is a few steps ahead of you in the sport. Bodybuilding is often wrongfully talked about as an individual sport while it’s the total opposite, having a good training partner in the gym can be one of the most positive and beneficial things you can actually do.

A partner is very important in the sport because not only will he provide you with physical support but he will also help you mentally, it’s pretty common for someone to be in the gym and then want to quit halfway through the workout and tone the intensity down. With a training partner that is just as hungry as yourself you will go to new lengths, he will push you and you will push him, even the best bodybuilders in the planet such as Phil Heath and Kai Greene receive some sort of assistance to improve their physiques.