The Difference Between Cutting and Bulking

Lean bodybuilder posing showing off Back muscles

Cutting and bulking are two very important concepts that every aspiring bodybuilder needs to fully understand in order to propel his performance and physique to newer and greater heights. Not many know that possessing the right knowledge can be the difference between a complete and a mediocre physique. Training is a very important and fundamental part of bodybuilding, but it means nothing without the proper nutritional regimen to follow it up, cutting and bulking are the two extremes of it.


Let’s start this off with cutting, the part of dieting that everyone hates going through. Cutting is bodybuilding slang for dropping weight, losing fat and defining the body’s muscular structure. Cutting is used by bodybuilders, athletes from different backgrounds and regular people in order to lose the excess body fat that makes them feel uncomfortable and attain a leaner, more defined and in some cases healthier physique.

Lean bodybuilder posing showing off Back muscles

There are many ways and methods that can be used to approach cutting, the first one being the most popular, is always completely overused and misunderstood. Beginners tend to place their body’s in extreme caloric deficits, doing this in a rapid and unmonitored manner can be really dangerous, dropping weight in such fashion can make anyone lose fat but also muscle and energy, these last two factors are crucial and essential for bodybuilding.

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