Is HIT the Ultimate Training Style?

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Weight training for some is the most important part of Bodybuilding and while it’s true that nutrition and rest are highly delicate subjects, training deserves its own discussion space. Asking ourselves if training is more important than nutrition is the same thing as asking what came first, the chicken or the egg. In reality answering both of these questions is useless, training is equally as important as nutrition just like the chicken is to the egg. I know this example may be a little weird but I think it gets the job done in explaining the importance of two fundamental Bodybuilding factors.

High-Intensity Training or HIT is probably one of the least talked about training styles when it comes to discussing hypertrophy training. The most talked about training program revolves around the typical five exercises for five sets and twelve reps, some exercise programs may include a few super sets or drop sets but, why doesn’t anyone talk about HIT as much? The most logical answer to this question is that High-Intensity Training is not as appealing as other styles of training, and that weirdly enough some consider HIT to be a beginners training style, the cold hard truth is that HIT may actually be the secret to achieving new levels of muscular development for both experienced and inexperienced bodybuilders.

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How does HIT work?

HIT training is based around a few principles developed by the late Arthur Jones and other well known individuals such as Mike and Ray Mentzer. High Intensity Training is a bodybuilding style that allows the bodybuilder to build his physique in a unique and painful way, HIT workouts tend to be shorter, more intense and a lot more technical than regular programs.

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