Are Supplements Worth the Money?

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Supplements have been an essential part of bodybuilding for the past few decades for their benefits, efficiency, and accessibility. Back in the 90’s the supplement industry began growing and it eventually transformed into the huge monster we have today, what makes the supplement world so great is the fact that you can virtually find a product for any specific goal, it doesn’t matter if it’s for muscle building or fat loss, the supplement industry most likely has something for you.

Before supplements made their way into the mainstream market, they were bodybuilding’s little secret, not many people knew that these “magical powders” or “magical pills” existed and it was actually a good thing. Supplements weren’t part of the mainstream world so they weren’t subjected to the mainstream rules; a lot of supplements that were bestsellers a few years ago are long gone due to the fact that they contained a few (now) illegal ingredients that were “too powerful”.

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As supplements made their way into popularity, a lot of ingredients that were previously used became banned and were replaced by less powerful ingredients that met the established requirements by a series of health and food organizations. Eventually the non bodybuilding part of society that had a set of desired goals such as weight loss, many started venturing into the supplement world and began consuming supplements that were only a shadow of the original products that started the whole movement, now we have a huge industry that is filled with hundreds of brands with thousands of products out of which only a minor percentage work.

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Why Supplements Do Not Work

Scoop of whey protein powder

Supplements are a subject that always seem to come up in any given fitness or bodybuilding related topic, there is actually a pretty big debate that has been kept alive for years, a small part of people argue that bodybuilding supplements don’t work as good as they say they do, while others agree that supplements do work and that anyone that says otherwise doesn’t know enough about them. The truth is actually pretty simple, supplements don’t always work for very specific reasons, here’s a few of them.

Why don’t supplements work?

The science behind supplements is not complicated, the first thing that everyone needs to understand is that supplements are meant to be used as substitutes or complements in a given diet, supplements aren’t food, they offer good amounts of micro and macro nutrients that are found in food but they aren’t the same thing. Supplements are formulated to be highly effective, they are packed with ingredients that are easily absorbed and digested inside the human body and they are the perfect tool for any high-performance athlete from any given background who is looking to take their overall performance to the next level.

Supplements won’t work if you don’t train, eat and sleep accordingly if someone consumes supplements on a daily basis but doesn’t perform high-intensity training sessions and feeds their body with high-quality food, the supplements simply won’t work. The human body functions in a very complex yet simple manner, it only uses what it needs, if you don’t make your body need the extra nutrients so it can grow and recover it won’t use them, if on the other hand you train hard, eat right and get enough rest, any sort of supplement will accommodate your body with ease.

Scoop of whey protein powder

Supplements also need a break

If you take the time to read any sort of supplement label, it doesn’t matter if it comes from a protein powder, whey protein or pre-workout, it will most definitely say that the supplement should be cycled, the term is used with supplements as much as it’s used with steroids but it still means the same thing. The instructions will specify that the product should be used for a specific period of time and then should be avoided for a week or two, very few people ignore the labels and keep on using the supplements, this can and will only end in bad results.

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