Weight Training for Women

The effects of weight training on the female body have created an immense debate amongst women throughout the whole fitness realm, a lot of women argue that weight training shouldn’t be practiced by females and should instead be only used by men because of the “negative” side effects it may produce. The reality is that weight training is one of the best tools available known to both men and women that burns fat and builds muscle at the same time, weight training generates health benefits that no other physical activity can match and that’s why the bodybuilding and fitness world keeps growing and an exponential rate, women should be encouraged to weight train and take their physiques to a place they have never been before.

Fit Woman with weight in hand

Fat Loss and Muscle Building

Weight Training made its way into the mainstream just recently but not many know that the sport as a whole has been around since the early 1900’s, it’s no secret that the sport has evolved and progressed since then, but it’s still popular for the same reason; it can help anyone and everyone achieve their ultimate physique and overall wellbeing. Weight Training was originally known as a showcase of strength, the first generation of weightlifters noticed that training with heavy amounts of weight made their bodies perform better and their muscles at the same time became larger.

Weight Training rapidly transformed and developed itself into the sport we have today, the machines and technology inside the training facilities we have all around the world can’t be compared to what Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts used to reach their goals just a few decades ago. Weight Training has been scientifically tested and proven to burn a great amount of calories resulting in fat burning, if weight training is performed correctly you will lose fat and gain muscle at the same time, no other sport in the world can do that.

Flexible Dieting

The human body works just like a machine, in order for it to function properly it needs the right components and the right fuel, if the human body wants to maintain a stable and healthy balance it needs to be fed accordingly. It’s really common to see a great amount of women trying out new kinds of diets and pills that simply don’t work, the vast majority of today’s society think that in order to lose weight they must reduce their caloric intake, this is false and can be potentially dangerous.

Weight Training burns a lot of calories and it injures the body’s muscle tissues and fibers, now, this isn’t a bad thing, it’s actually a really good thing. When the muscle goes through a great amount of stress (Weight Training) it has no option but to grow bigger and stronger, as the muscles become bigger the bones need to do their job and grow along with them, the human body, therefore, becomes stronger and healthier after each training session.

In order for the body to heal and recover it needs a hefty amount of macronutrients and micronutrients. Macronutrients are simply nutrients that provide energy to the human body, they are split up into three groups: Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fat. Micronutrients are similar substances to micronutrients but are required in minimal doses, these being vitamins, minerals, acids, etc.

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A common mistake amongst women is to measure their food intake in calories which are wrong, it should be measured in macro and micronutrients, as you slowly increase the intensity of your training sessions your body will need more energy (macros and micros) and if you don’t give it what it needs it will leave the state of balance it was in which can result in weight gain, low energy levels, low sex drive etc. If you weight train on a regular basis you will be able to eat more food at a flexible rate.

Common misconceptions

There are a great amount of common myths and misconceptions related to women and weight training and that’s all they are, myths. The most popular myth says that “If women practice weight training they will become wide, muscular and bulky”, this is completely false, it’s true that weight training builds muscle, but it’s a whole different process in comparison to the male human body. The male human body produces a series of hormones that the female body doesn’t, it’s hard enough for a male to gain muscle, weight training is different for women as it will only help you shape, tone and define your body, but it won’t turn you into a muscular monster.

Another myth, which is related to the previous one is that women should stay away from free weights and stick to machines and cardio, again, this is false. Free weight training will not only help you shape and tone your body, but it will also help you lose fat and increase your cardiovascular resistance, free weights work the whole body, your muscles and bones will become stronger and your metabolism will naturally speed up, your body at the same time will, therefore, be in a state of wellbeing.

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